Time is a Currency

Time is a currency.  Like money we can choose to spend it or save it.  And like money we all wish we had a bit more.  

It is easy to dwindle money away.  To spend a bit here and there on small purchases and not think twice.  Before we know it our bank account is empty.  It’s the same with time.  It's easy to give away small bits of time here and there in our days.  Like the trip to the supermarket because we forgot the milk when we were there the day before.  The detour to the petrol station because the red light starts flashing.  Or the mad dash to the post office to get a birthday present sent on time.  All small amounts of time that may not seem like much, but when added together take a big chunk out of your day. 

It is also easy to make spontaneous big purchases with our money we later regret.  The leather couch for sale we don’t need but would look good in our house.  The boat you swear you’ll use every weekend in summer, but then sits idle in the shed.  Or that gorgeous dress you have to have, but then hangs in the wardrobe gathering dust.  These purchases drain our bank accounts like the decisions we make can drain our time.  Decisions like saying yes to running a stall at the school fair.  Agreeing to take on an extra shift that week at work.  Or helping out a friend by editing their website copy for free.  It’s these decisions we often end up regretting.  It’s these decisions that steal our precious time.  And it’s these decisions that leave us feeling drained, stressed and anxious.

Now think about how you feel when you budget your money and spend it responsibly.  How awesome it feels to see your savings account grow.  When there’s more than enough money for everyday purchases, but to also spend on things you enjoy.  It feels the same when you have more than enough time in your day for everything you need and want to do.  

How we spend our money and our time are both conscious decisions we make on a daily basis.  We can choose to save both.  We can choose to spend both.  We can give some away.  Or we can squirrel some away under the mattress.

If you can begin to think of time as a currency it will help you choose how to spend it.  But just remember ... if you give it all away at once it takes a long time to save it back up.   

Happy Spending!

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