My Miracle Morning

Earlier this year I donated the majority of my ‘self-help' books to charity (I will write more on why in a future post).  One of those books was called ‘The Miracle Morning’.  To be honest I had never read it.  While I agree with the concept of the book I knew I was never going to implement the practices it recommended.

We have all read the articles.  We are told we need a morning routine.  One that includes meditation, yoga, oracle card reading, a gratitude practice and journaling.  And while this all sounds lovely, it is not realistic in the lives of us ‘normal’ people.  

The people writing these articles live a completely different life to the majority of us. And I get frustrated they forget that we do. Most of us barely have enough time to down a cup of coffee and pack school lunches before rushing out the door to work.  All their articles do is create a feeling of guilt.  And that is not cool with me.

So today I want to share with you my Miracle Morning. To let you know you aren’t alone if your morning routine doesn’t include meditation or oracle card reading.  And to give you permission to let go of any feelings of guilt.

I actually have three different Miracle Mornings. And I have created each of these around my own values of living quietly and simply in a busy world.  

The first is on those mornings I go to work.  My morning routine looks like this.  I wake up at 5am.  I text my fiancé (who works away) to let him know I survived the night.  I have a shower, make the bed, tidy up and pack my lunch.  I then get the dogs up and give them a cuddle. I let them run around for a while before putting them back in their kennels for the day.  I get changed and head off to work.  The miraculous part happens when no-one decides to chase a wallaby or rabbit. And I don’t have to go searching for them in the back paddock while it is still dark.

The second is on those days I don’t work.  My morning routine looks a little different.  I get up, text my fiancé and then take the dogs for a long walk.  Because they are big dogs, and I have to walk them one at a time, this takes up to three hours!  But this is my favourite Miracle Morning of all.  We live in a very beautiful part of the world. And there is nothing I enjoy better than getting outside for a walk with my dogs.  It is my own form of meditation and a gratitude practice.  The miracle happens if the neighbour’s little spaniels don’t come rushing out onto the road to take my big dogs on.  They definitely have little dog syndrome. 

The third is on the weekend when my fiancé is home.  These mornings look different again.  One of us will get up and get the dogs sorted.  Then we head back to bed to watch an episode of whatever series we are working our way through. And, yes, we have a television in our bedroom (but more on that in a future post as well).  There are two miracles that may happen on these weekend mornings.  The first is if one of us manages to sneak out of bed to look after the dogs without waking the other before 6am.  And the second is that we get through a whole episode without having to get up to tell the dogs to stop barking!

There is a common thread through all three morning routines.  We have created them to be quiet, simple and slow.  And for us that’s the key.  Because if we start our day this way, the rest of the day is going to feel that way too.

I could get up later but my mornings would then be rushed.  I could do yoga before I went to work but I would have to get up earlier.  And 5am is early enough!  I could also wake my fiancé on a Saturday morning to ask him what he is grateful for.  But we would be divorced before we were married.  

Again, I want this article to be one that makes you think and question what you read and hear.  If you start your morning with meditation and journaling, and you love doing those things, then go for it.  If you can’t …  or you don’t want to … that’s fine as well.  Most of us are in that same boat. 

No matter how you start your morning make sure it’s right for you.  Own it.  Live it.  And enjoy it.  Because there is no better way to start your day than one you have intentionally created as ‘yours'.

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