Creating An Intentional Home

Over the past nine months we have been intentionally creating a place that feels like home.  Not just to us, but also to those that visit.  In one of my earlier articles I talked about how stability was one of our core values.  It's one of the reasons we chose to buy, rather than continue renting.  We have definitely felt more settled this year.  Having our own home is definitely the main reason for that.

We spend a lot of time at home.  We aren’t big on socialising.  In fact you could count on one hand the number of times we socialise with others in a year.  Our socialising usually involves the boy’s workmates popping around for a quick beer. Or a spontaneous drink with the neighbours.  Our weekends are spent pottering around at home.  So being able to create a home we enjoy is important to us.  

If you have ever met us you will know we are both very down to earth.  We like the simple things.  Fries and a beer on a Sunday afternoon at the pub.  A day spent fishing at the lake.  A hike up a mountain.  And a night spent watching the rugby.  

We want our home to feel down to earth as well.  We have zero interest in creating a Pinterest worthy home.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But its not our cup of tea.  We want our home to feel lived in, simple and purposeful.  So what do I mean by that?

To me an intentional home is one that is created with purpose.  Our purpose is simplicity.  And a simplified home is one where everything has its place.  It means clean, practical and simple living spaces.  And each room is designed to have a certain feel or function.  

As soon as you walk into our home you know what is important to us.  And where our hearts lie.  One quick glance and you know we're from New Zealand, even though we now live in Tasmania.  You will know we have a love of dogs.  And our bookcase will tell you we are interested in the stories of others.  Whether that’s sporting personalities, memoirs or tales of true crime.  

As you move from room to room nothing feels muddled.  There’s ‘stuff’ but not a lot of it.  Everything has been intentionally purchased and placed where it feels right.  There is also a sense of flow, from the colours we choose to the design of the furniture.  

We also don’t buy things for the sake of filling a space.  We fill a space when we find the perfect piece.  Our front entrance is currently bare.  One day it will be filled with a beautiful table made of Tasmanian wood.  But until we find that perfect table bare it will stay.  We also save to buy pieces that will last.  They may cost more but we know they'll last a lifetime.  And it means we only have to buy once.  Which is better for the environment and our wallets.  

Each room has a different feel.  The kitchen is functional.  Everything has it’s place.  And nothing is cluttered.  If guests want to cook a meal they don’t have to ask where anything is.  When you open the pantry you can see all the ingredients we have.  The same for the fridge and freezer.  There’s no rummaging through drawers as everything is laid out, able to be seen at a glance.

Our spare room has been put together so guests feel like they are sleeping in a hotel room when they visit.  The lounge is cozy and comfortable.  The study is a place that inspires me to work.  And our bedroom is a space of calm and relaxation.  And while always tidy (because lets be honest, I am my mother's daughter) our home feels lived in.

Patience has been the key in being able to create an intentional home.  As much as we would like to be able to do ‘everything’ now we don’t have the spare money or time.  We know we are here for the long haul (if the boy’s dream of relocating us to Antartica doesn’t come true!) so it’s about returning to the concept of living slowly and intentionally.  One step at a time.

A home needs to feel safe and secure.  It’s where we are able to shut the door on the noise of the world.  A place where, when you pull up the drive and shut the gate behind you, it feels like you are home. That is what creating an intentional home means to me.

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