The Email That Changed Everything

I had been feeling unsettled for a while.  Something didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I got the email.

It was from one of my favourite health and wellness bloggers.  I had been following her for a while.  I loved the simple recipes she posted.  Her message about finding happiness from within resonated with me.  I’d done her courses and gotten so much from what she was sharing with the world.    

But then here she was.  Letting me know that her business model was changing.  She had discovered DoTerra Essential Oils.  They were her new passion.  She loved everything the company stood for and everything about them.  They would now become the cornerstone of her business.  And if this new messaging didn’t resonate with me anymore I was welcome to unsubscribe. 

I unsubscribed without hesitating.

There it was.  The reason I had been feeling so unsettled.  

I rang one of my best online friends that I have never actually met.  The conversation started with ‘you have to be kidding me'! But in language that was slightly more colourful.  

She had seen the email.  She agreed with me.  The online world of health and wellness had now gone completely mad.

Everywhere I looked there were new business, life and wellness coaches popping up.  They were telling me how to make green juices.  Encouraging me to do yoga everyday.  Meditate.  Journal.  Adopt a gratitude practice.  Establish a morning routine.  Read oracle cards.  Cleanse my crystals in the full moon (or is it the new moon?). And how to manifest my dream life in the new moon (or is it the full moon?). 

They we telling me I needed to create a vision board.  To tune in with my spirit guides so I could align with my true path.  How the only way to create a freedom lifestyle was to build a six-figure online business.  And how passionate, soul-fuelled entrepreneurs were those that worked 80 hours for themselves. Not 40 hours for someone else.  

Not only that, but the message of finding happiness from within seemed to have gotten lost. Lost within the multitude of multi-level marketing that was popping up everywhere.

At this point I called B.S.  

I’d had enough.  

I could have sat with my feelings.  Tried to figure out what was triggering me.  Journaled about what it was in others I was seeing in myself.  And become a better person for it.

But I knew what was pissing me off.  I had become a follower.  I was living my life in an online bubble that at the end of the day wasn’t who I wanted to be.  

To be honest I had jumped on board the coaching train more than once.  I had a small online presence. And I was working hard to create that elusive ’six figure freedom lifestyle business'. But I was also tired, grumpy and frustrated.  I was spending more time online than I was off it.  And it kind of sucked to be honest!  

I didn’t know if this was a life I wanted to continue living.  

Then we bought the Purple House.  And things began to change.  

Two years before we had moved from Queensland to Tasmania on the toss of a coin.  Within 3 days we had packed up our home and were on the road.  Ready for a new life and a new adventure.

What we didn’t know was the next two years were going to be the toughest we had been through in our relationship.  My first job was so demoralising that I left within a month. My fiancé stuck his job out for the next 18 months but it nearly killed him and our relationship.  When we first moved we had two mortgages and were paying rent.  We got down to one mortgage and rent but it still wasn’t easy.  And the drop in pay for both of us meant money felt like it was going out of our bank accounts faster than it was going in.  

And don’t even get me started on trying to rent with four dogs.  We moved three times within 18 months. And during that time the poor dogs spent more time living on the back of the ute than they did off it.

While this was going on I was getting sucked further and further into the abyss of the online world.  In hindsight it was my way to escape real life.  But it didn’t do me any favours.  And it only made me feel worse.

Then our house in Queensland sold.  

The next weekend we were out for a drive when we came across the Purple House with a ‘For Sale’ sign on the gate.  We weren’t planning to buy so soon.  But something about this house made us stop and call the agent.  

As it happened the owner of the house lived next door.  He came straight over to show us around.  Within five minutes we were looking at each other, raising our eyebrows and nodding our heads.  There was something about this house we liked.  

Eight weeks later we had the keys in our hands and we moved in over the Christmas break.  

We were finally home again.  And for two people that value stability above all else that meant everything.

And as I placed the first lot of boxes on the kitchen floor ready to unpack something inside me shifted.  And I knew something was about to change.

I began questioning everything.  And I stopped doing everything.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped coaching.  I took my website down.  I stopped posting on social media.  And I stopped writing my newsletters.  

I also started unsubscribing.  I unsubscribed from 99% of newsletters I was receiving.  And I unfollowed 99% of people I was following on social media.  

And I stepped away from the online bubble I was living in.  

Then I started again.  I started living MY life.  And I began to do it my way.

This is now my personal blog of my real life.  What I’m learning.  What I value.  And the lessons I’m continuing to learn along the way.  

My hope is that it makes you think.  That it makes you realise you get to create life your own way.  That your life can be whatever you want it to be.  And that it can be simple, slow and full of beautiful moments. 

And I would be honoured to have you come share this journey with me.

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