"Life is really simple.  But we insist on making it complicated"


I don't know about you, but I desire a life that is simple.  

A life that feels calm.

And a life that makes me happy.

At the end of the day I think this is what most of us want.  

This is my personal journey of how I'm doing just that. 

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Hey there!  I'm Nicola, part-time Physiotherapist, full-time dog-mum, writer and nature photographer.  I'm also the Stories Editor for Creative Countryside.  

After hitting rock-bottom in 2011 (think broken marriage, loosing my house in the Christchurch earthquakes and walking away from my failing business) I dove head first into the self-development world after realising that happiness wasn't going to be found at the bottom of a wine bottle.

It was exactly what I needed, and it helped me crawl out from under the big rock that had crushed my life.  Back then the online world felt a little different than it does today.  It was quieter.  People wrote about finding happiness from within, rather than looking to external elements.  And for someone who had just lost everything that made perfect sense.

But things online began to change.  Every time I opened my computer it seemed there were new life, wellness and business coaches popping up all over the place.  And the noise online got louder. 

Everywhere I looked someone was telling me how to make a green smoothie. Or sell me an essential oil. I began to feel guilty that I didn't have a morning routine or a gratitude practice.  And how could I possibly be fulfilling my soul's purpose if I didn't have a heart-centred, six-figure business that allowed me to live a freedom lifestyle?!

To be honest, for a while I got sucked in to all of the noise.  But do you know what?  It actually began to make me feel miserable.  And stressed out. I began to realise that I was living my life in an online bubble, rather than living it in the real world.  

So I took a step back and started again.  

I consciously slowed my life down.  I simplified my days as much as possible. And I chose to only do things that made me happy, rather than things I felt I 'should' be doing.   

Here I have found true relaxation, well-being and gratitude.  Most importantly of all I discovered that as I decluttered my life, my mind began to feel less cluttered as well.

And I'm here to give you permission to do the same.

This little space is for me to share my personal stories with you.  

It's a place where I write about the lessons I'm learning.

And it's where I give you a peek into my everyday world.

I hope you come join me.

A little more about me ...


I was born and bred in Christchurch, New Zealand. When I was growing up there were more sheep in NZ than people!

I first met my fiancé (we have been engaged for five years so don't expect wedding photos anytime soon!) when we were eleven years old.  We went through intermediate and high school together before loosing touch.  Then at 38 we re-connected through good old Facebook.  He was living in Australia at the time, and I was in New Zealand. He came to visit.  Three days later I handed in my resignation at work, packed up my life and flew to Australia (with my two dogs in tow) to live with him.  Madness?  Probably.  But it was the best decision we have ever made.  

Before moving to Tasmania we lived on a 14-acre property in Queensland, surrounded by rainforest, in a little town called Eungella.  To be honest I'm not even sure you could call it a town. There was a pub and a post office, and it was a three hour round trip to do the grocery shopping.  We didn't have mobile phone coverage.  And there was no internet access.  It was complete bliss!

We lost our oldest dog Toddy, a black labrador retriever, a few years ago and it was heart breaking. Our dogs are our life.  We currently have four fur-kids, who are as chaotic as they are calm.  You can find pictures of them all over my Instagram page.

We now live in a purple house on 4 acres in Tasmania, Australia.  Initially we thought we would paint the house a different colour.  But the purple has grown on us.  We think it's going to stay.

My fiancé thinks it's the funniest thing that I am dying to plant a vegetable garden when I don't even like vegetables.  

I'm trying to convince him we should get chickens.  

I spend more of my life off social media than on it.  

And I'm definitely getting wiser the older I get.  

My weekly newsletter is where I share my personal journey, wisdom (or lack of) and lessons I'm learning along the away.  I'd love for you to join me there ...

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