"Life is really simple. But we insist on making it complicated"


I don't know about you, but I desire a life that is simple.  

A life that feels slow.

And a life that makes me happy.

At the end of the day I think this is what most of us want.  

This is my personal journey of how I'm doing just that. 

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Hi, I'm Nicola. I'm a part-time Physiotherapist, full-time dog-mum and writer.  I'm also currently studying Animal Nutrition & Canine Myfunctional Therapy (because I actually like dogs more than humans).  When I'm not doing those things you will find me taking photos, pottering about and knitting.  

And here’s the main thing you should know about me … 

I don’t believe minimalism, slow living, capsule wardrobes and frugality are the answer.  I also don’t believe essential oils, building a six-figure business or green smoothies solve our problems. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of the above.  In fact I live a fairly slow life, with a minimal wardrobe and I have a green smoothie every now and then.  But these things are part of my life because I have intentionally chosen them to be, not because I feel they should be. And definitely not because I think they will solve any of my problems that have a deeper issue. I could be living a fast-paced life in the city, with a shoe collection the size of Mt Everest and a love of McDonalds; and it might still be the right choice for how I live my life … as long as I also chose that path with intent and purpose. 

What I do believe is that the answer to living a good and happy life lies in stepping away from the noise we are inundated with online and in real life, thinking for ourselves and choosing to live in whatever way feels right for each of us.   

There has been a strong move towards a more simple way of living over the past few years. It’s been shouted from the rooftops, with a hallelujah chorus in the background, as being the answer to our prayers. Get yourself a flock of chickens, donate half your wardrobe to charity, paint the walls of your house white and … voila … your life will be perfect.   

Or so social media would have us believe.  

This is where I believe the problem lies, because life should not be lived and planned according to a certain type of aesthetic. All that does is set us up to feel like a failure if we perceive our lives (or ourselves) to fall short of Pinterest or Instagram standards. 

Remember when social media didn’t exist? When our lives didn’t revolve around a device we checked every five minutes, and pinged at us when someone liked a curated photo of our day. When ‘comparisonitis’ wasn’t a word. And when our precious time was spent offline, rather than online scrolling through the highlight reel of someone else’s life.

I believe social media has stolen our ability to question, think and make intentional decisions. Instead it has us mindlessly scrolling, chasing likes to make us feel worthy, and making impulse decisions based on other people’s feeds. Without truly stopping to think …’is this really how I want to live’?

To me a rich and full life is about intentionally choosing what we say yes and no to on a daily basis. It’s about how we intentionally fill the 1440 minutes we are gifted each day.  It’s about creating routines that minimise the decisions we have to make.  And it’s about choosing to replace busyness with a slower pace of life. With or without chickens, if your wardrobe looks like Carrie Bradshaw’s and even if your house is painted purple (like mine!). 

So this is my little space in the world to share how I’m intentionally choosing to live my life on a day-to-day basis. And if what I write about resonates with you, I would love for you to come on the journey with me.  I don’t have any answers, but I do have a lot of thoughts that I’d love to share with you. 

If you'd like to read more about how I got to where I am today, these blog posts are my very personal, tell all account.  I hope you enjoy them.

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